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Layer One

All human constructs eventually evolve into art form. Language, food, clothing, tech. Basic necessities can inspire creativity, and tools can become expressions of self.


Fitness is a developing industry that will make the same evolution. And if nascent art could pick its parents, it would be born into blockchain. 

NFTs programmatically align incentives by routing value back to those that contribute it. KILO is a tokenized ecosystem of designer venues, bespoke equipment, and kindred subcultures. A proof-of-life protocol that transmutes physical output to network assets, security, and ownership - human energy as a vector for human soveriegnty. 

L A Y E R  O N E


30,000 square foot headquarters in Las Vegas. Beautifully designed, professionally equipped, and metaverse native. 

1000 members and NFTs per club. Exclusive membership, free to mint.

Kilo Club NFTS Black (1).PNG

L A Y E R  T W O

Bespoke and provably scarce equipment represented in collections. In the genesis series, jBells is the first concept of three.


Client : David Goggins

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Client : UFC

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Client : Jay Cutler

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Layer Two

KILO Collection : 2022

ETH Collection : 2023

All token holders have access to Layer One clubs. 

Layer Three

L A Y E R  T H R E E

Super League is a web3 platform upon which anyone can build any play-to-earn sport. 

Layer Zero

Super League Blood [ BLD ] - the genesis sport - is engineered for all fitness levels, available from any gym, and inspires tattoos.

Athletes have access to Layer Zero avatars, Layer One clubs, and Layer Two equipment.

L A Y E R  Z E R O

A living NFT with real time stats. Catalog, immortalize, and share the journey. You own the virtual you. 

UFC Statues_V1.gif
3D Profile Avatar (PFA) scans for qualified Super League athletes
ROADMAP (8).png

Las Vegas, NV

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